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9 ideas to use Snapchat’s new feature

Snapchat just released a new update This new update allows you to make a Snapcode for any Website. It is great Marketing Tool to direct your audience to your web site, social media, podcasts, sound cloud or any other place where something is going on.

There is a list, with ideas, how you could use this feature for your business:

  1. Offer an exclusive live training on Periscope. You can select who will see your live broadcast.
  2. Offer to be part of Exclusive Facebook Group or to sign up for your NewsLetter
  3. Create a survey
  4. A Free downloadable article, worksheet or stock photos
  5. Offer a discount code or Free shipping voucher
  6. Offer gift for first 10 people who will use this code
  7. Send them to watch your latest YouTube video, read blog post or share some training video
  8. Offer gift only to Snapchat people, if they go to your social media {choose one} and comment with special #hashtag, then they will participate.
  9. Direct link to your special promo price service or SALE {your online course, e-book, training module}

In this video I will show you how to use new feature and how to create Snapcodes for your business.

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