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Advantages of using Puzzle Feed Templates for your Instagram feed

Let’s find out 5 reasons why you should consider using Puzzle Feed Templates for your Instagram feed in 2020. If you’re trying to grow your Instagram account organically, but struggle with the creative part, don’t have much time and want more engaged followers for your personal brand or business, this article/video is for you as you will find out a possible solution.

The IG puzzle is a series of photos that you post separately, one by one on IG to become one giant, interesting and attention-grabbing creative collage – like a mood board. It is a new way of styling your feed, my clients love it! You will too! Stop stressing over what you need to post on your feed – this IG puzzle template got you covered & and guess WHAT!!! You can create 15 posts in under 5 minutes! How cool is that?

Let’s go through those 5 reasons which will explain the advantages of using Puzzle Feed Templates for your Instagram.

1. First impressions

Those of you, who already know me, know that I can’t stress enough the importance of first impressions. I’am always talking about going from first impressions to results and how to go from that cold audience to the hot one. And puzzle feed template is something that can make your first impression amazing. If you have structured, beautiful and impressive Instagram feeds like these one below then you immediately are capturing your ideal client’s attention.

Instagram Puzzle Feed

If you are choosing or creating puzzle feed templates that are super aligned with your brand, who you are, what you do – you are being in for a treat, because you are not only catching your ideal client’s attention quickly but also can have a great first impression about you. There is a study that if you make first impressions not so great then it takes half a year of everyday connection to change that mind. This pretty much means that online you don’t have a chance. If you didn’t capture your ideal client’s attention straight away with the first impression then most likely you will not change their mind, because that just takes too much time.

2. Time

We all want to save it and make our lives easier. When you are using an Instagram puzzle feed template you save a lot of time because it’s plugin play. It’s pretty much – take, drag and drop – and your images are there! You split one image in lots of pieces and you have a lot of foundations for your posts to post on Instagram. It takes pretty much seconds to do that. If you are not willing to spend a lot of time creating and curating your Instagram feed, applying all the filters and other Instagram stuff, templates can be a good chance for you to still be active and consistent on Instagram without spending too much time on it.

3. Your branding

You can actually integrate your fonts and colors really easily. Within those puzzle feed templates you can change backgrounds, element colors, text colors and fonts. That makes it easy to integrate your own branding within premade templates with different elements that can support your brand message. And it’s fun and cool as well!

4. No editing

Sometimes you spend so much time curating your photos, editing them, making filters, using different tools to make all images look great together. When you have a puzzle feed template you actually can insert your images that are not edited perfectly. They can be with different lightening, different color schemes yet they still will look all put together. It will be the same vibe just because of all the rest elements that are around your images which is a huge plus.

5. Builds curiosity

Puzzle feed builds up curiosity within your audience. You post one image and they can see that there is something going on, that there will be something else. Or maybe they are seeing several in a row and get curious what it’s all about so they will go and check your entire feed. If they will see that there might be a continuation they will come back to check your Instagram feed’s offering more often because they want to know what’s next, what you have prepared after.

Puzzle feed templates are fun and exciting!

You can make your own template, play around with different filters and elements. It’s easy to do it on photoshop or canva. If you do not have time, desire or creativity to do it you can definitely check out Puzzle Feed Templates (Canva) collection that we have prepared for you:

Save your time and rock your Instagram!

Always remember your ideal client

One more thing though – not for everybody Instagram puzzle feed will work. You really need to know your audience. That is the number one thing that you always need to know before doing anything with your visuals or anything else with your brand. You need to know to whom you are selling, who are you attracting, who is your ideal client. Not just knowing how old they are, what they are doing and so on – you got to go deeper. If you don’t know and haven’t worked out who your ideal client is you can check out my podcast episode about Ideal Client:

Depending on your audience Instagram puzzle feeds can work and can not work so well. You always need to test out. If you’re busy, you are not posting regularly, you can’t find good content to post, you are overwhelmed, you don’t know how to edit images then puzzle feed templates are a great solution for you. Because it takes away a lot of pressure from you. But some audiences prefer more authentic, more real images without pretty elements and other features. It depends on who your ideal client is, how you serve them and how they engage the most. So you got to test out – it’s always better to be consistent rather than trying put out something perfect there.

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