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I want to help as many people I can to create something magical…
something that creates the connection between you, your business, and your client.

Tapping into the majority of customers who buy with heart, not head.

I want that costs are not stopping You from a powerful brand

I want that you fall in love with your brand

I want that you are super confident about your visuals

Without a creative and meaningful branding, you will continue to attract the wrong clients, leave money on the table, and lose sales.

Do any of the following sound like your thoughts?

You want to understand branding, but you don’t have time to get a full branding and design education.
You know that visual identity is very important, but at the moment, you can’t afford to invest in a professional.
You are losing sales because nobody wants to pay your rates since you are making a bad impression with your lack of branding.
You are not clear of message you want to communicate through your visuals.
You have a feeling that you can’t go after the life you dream about if you don’t have your branding in place
You would like to feel confident and inspired about your business



Brands with a higher emotional connection receive 3X more WORD-OF-MOUTH recommendations than less connected brands.

Here's what you will discover during the week

The Anatomy of well styled Brand & Mood Board

The significance of Visual Identity – External brand importance

Brand Season & Colour palette

Choosing and creating a colour palette for your brand.

Character & Typography

Font personalities. How to choose fonts for your brand.

Logo & additional brand elements

How to easily create a clean and simple logo – how to spice up your Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines

Learn how to pull all of these elements together to create a design you are proud of

Each day you will have not only Strategic task, but you also will be able to ask questions and chill on my “Unfiltered with Guna” live streams, where we will do fun things with Energy

{yeah – prepare for rituals and wizardry to explore your influential energies and magnetic talents through Human Design and Moon}

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