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Stress is all around us: is how we handle it what counts. Everyone is likely to have a strong opinion about stress, no matter what they are, the one thing about stress that is undeniably true is that we can not ignore it.

I am that kind of person, who have thousands of ideas, hundreds of started projects and life happens around me so, so fast, that sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I feel fun about it, but the truth is, that I am not efficient if I am hot mess all the time. I need to find way how to take care of myself, how to put myself in my priority list as First. I need to find harmony and balance. As most of people I am working a lot, taking care of lot of things, but in the end of the day, if you are not taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

For me this part is really important as I want to be best version of myself, I want to be best mum, I want to be best wife, I want to be best mentor and leader, I want to be in balance to achieve that.

I love to take time and plan to soak in a warm bath scented with aromatherapy oils, epsom salt and some foam. This is time for me. My family respect this time and allows me complete peace. Sometimes I just enjoy this peace, candles, sometimes I listen some inspiring audio book, sometimes I switch on some nice movie or take real book or journal. It is complete ME time. And I know I am worthy of it, I deserve it, and so are you. When did you took relaxing bath last time?

You know what happiness means to me? Sometimes it is just nice quality things, not necessary they need to be expensive, no. But investing in soft towels that feel soothing to the touch is important if you want full bath experience. Bathrobes, too, should be of sufficiently good quality cotton that never feel harsh against the skin.

I love small details, I love to think about them. Everything what makes me feel special, happy and good: yeah! I will invest.

Starting from beautiful candles, bath accessories finishing with my favourite colour theme, yes, even in bathroom.

When you use aromatherapy to relax and balance your mood, add camomile, clary sage, lavender, marjoram or ylang ylang essential oils. Just one of or in combination, but keep in mind, when you are using essential oils, use just four or five drops as they are extremely concentrated and should be used very sparingly. Sometimes I do opposite, I add energetic oils to boost my energy, but about that next time.

But really, a soothing bath can calm your nerves and help all the stress momentarily disappear. Basically, a bath isn’t going to fix anything but it’s also not going to hurt.

Self care is really important, if you want to be successful… in any of life fields – career, family life, relationships and so on.

You can’t pour from empty glass, right?

Take care


Guna | Passionista


  • Hehe, Guna, I really like the quote at the end! :)))

    I haven’t taken such a bath like forever. Probably never. Yesterday, I was watching “Friends” and it was about the episode with the bath tub. In moments like these, I wish I had a bathtub. And some nice company with the bubbles :))

    • Guna Meldere says:

      Thanks, Svet for turning in to my blog! It is true, true, true – you need energy to give others, you need something in that glass to pour 🙂
      You definitely need bathtub. Trust me.

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