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How big your audience should be to start selling

Today we have a hot topic about audience size and when is the best time to put your offer out there. In other words – how big your audience should be to start selling. This is the question I am receiving all the time.

So here comes the dream crusher! OK, not exactly, but if you think you need a huge audience to finally start selling and making money, you couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, let’s not deny that if you have an audience it is a win and most likely you will be able to sell better, you know – numbers game!

But what is most important is to have the right audience!

I know this is not exactly what your procrastination mind is wanting to hear, but here it comes:

You don’t need a huge audience or someone’s else’s shiny approach to scale your business and create success. In fact, as a coach or service based entrepreneur, your business’ most valuable asset is YOU and your brilliance. And best of all? No one can ever replicate that. Not even close.

Your unique brilliance is what makes your ideal clients to work with you and not someone else. Packaging that up in “no brainer” offers and helping them with transforming their current situation into the desired one, is what makes the difference!

I am not having the biggest following, but I am crushing it with my 2 agencies. In fact, I made my first success once with less than 2000 people in my connections a few years ago. I have clients that have less than 500 followers on Instagram, that are having consistent 5k and 7k months. I have clients that have 6 figure businesses from less than 5000 connections over all socials and email list.

It is about quality of connections, the right audience and the depth of connection.

If 100 people are following you or are signed up on your email list, it is 100 people. Imagine them sitting right in front of you at this very moment. How that would feel? I bet pretty awesome or even stressful as it is a lot of people.

Build your relationships with people already in your audience.

Treat each and every one of them with respect and gratitude. Share value and care about their success and trust me you will not only land new clients, you will have raving fans and meanwhile you will also build up an audience.

Don’t focus just on numbers, focus on people and intimacy!

As more you will help as more you will grow! Connect within new people daily and build deeper relationships. Go out there and sell something today, don’t be selfish keeping your gifts and your awesomeness to yourself.
Offer the transformation for your audience. Sell. Create the life of your dreams.

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