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How to create a colour palette for your Brand

Colour has the power to make us feel. Happy, inspired, uplifted, creative, calm, relaxed, passionate, confident, empowered, energised, successful, perceptive and so on. Colour can evoke all of those emotions subconsciously within us. Finding the perfect colour match can be a very personal and emotional choice, but following colour psychology will help to make smarter decisions and aid your brand in communicating in the way you would like to.

Ask yourself:

How do I want my potential clients to see my brand?

How do I want them to feel?

Branding is all about creating an image and sense of style that is strong enough to be easily recognised. Everything you put online, whether it is a blog post or an Instagram photo, needs to scream YOU.

Everything you put online, whether it is a blog post or an Instagram photo, needs to scream YOU. #personalbranding #brandstyle Click To Tweet

There is no Right or Wrong colour, but some tones will support your brand more than others. When you are choosing colours, think also from a practical side as some lighter colours just won’t be great in small details or small fonts. Balance your palette with darker tones and neutrals.

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I recommend choosing two or three main colours, one or two neutral or monochromatic shades and one metallic/glitter. I find including a metallic colour {gold, rose gold, silver, copper} to give your brand a luxurious vibe. But the shine is not necessary.

By all means, also go with your gut and your heart as well as your head. You need to love your palette, so if you want to add in a turquoise and bright pink just because you love it, do it! There is no need to overthink it.

If you would work with me, we would have consultation call and I would ask you to make your Mood board to get all emotions from you. But if you are ready to create your colour palette by yourself, I suggest you these steps. Easy and simple.

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  1. Go to Pinterest and make a “Mood Board”, Things I Love Board, or any other Board where you will Pin and Save photos that represent You. There, you will collect everything you like or, get inspiration from, as well as things that motivate you and drive you in your business. These can be various things, activities, or even nature. Basically everything, but when you choose all those things, choose wisely and pay attention to the colours. You MUST love them in those pictures. Save 20, 50, 100 – whatever. Just go for it.
  2. Choose one photo that you love the most {my example is from Bubble and Sweet Swan Party}. It needs to encompass what your brand is all about. The whole vibe, colours, and the emotion it evokes.
  3. Open the Adobe Color CC app online. It is very easy to use {look at the tutorial on my video below} Upload your photo and play around with vibes as it will automatically create a colour palette with the best colours from your photo.                      
  4. Edit your palette with Adobe Photoshop CC {try free trial – } or Canva. Both are amazing options to work with. You now have five set colours which you can stay with, but I believe it is helpful to have six colours in your final palette. Also, you need to aim to have at least one or two neutrals and at least one darker shade as black, dark blue, dark grey, etc., to use for your logo and text. You don’t need to add white colour to your palette, even you tend to use it a lot. If you want to brighten your colours with a luxurious vibe, add metallics or glitter. You can add some extra and remove some from the original version. I like to keep grey shade. So, for this example, I will replace light brown with glitters and will add dark blue for balance. You can find colour codes in Photoshop or you can use Color Picker online.

And your colour palette for your brand is ready. It will be easy guide for you now to create a matching design for your posts and photos, and of course for your logo and web page.



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