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Today I wanted to jump on and talk about compelling content. My intention for this episode is to show you the importance of compelling content in your business. I want for you to master the delivery style of your content so you can nurture & convert your audience into paying clients.

We will talk:

  • Principles of good content;
  • Do’s and don’ts of presenting content;
  • And how to sparkle up your content with visuals.

Principles of good content

The presentation of your content is equally important as the content itself. To make an impact, which I hope is your goal next to making those sweet bucks. You gotta master your delivery and educational style.

  • First is repetition – whatever you want to be known for, keep talking about it. Talk about your core topics in different ways, using different delivery styles. Remember, when you are already sick and tired about the same topic, it’s only the time others start to notice you. So keep going.
  • Second is focus – the more you give, the more you will get. You need to forget the problem of being afraid to give away too much. If you feel that you are running out of content, learn more, fill up your cup that you can keep giving.
  • And lastly – create magical space for your audience. Post for them, not you. Create this safe space, value center that they want to check out even when you are not appearing in their news feed.

You can have the best content, information, 3 times better than Google and books, but if the content is not compelling, interesting and attracting, nobody will care and it will not attract your ideal clients.

I know so many experts, top notch specialists, with the best expertise, yet they don’t know how to present their content in a way that it will be engaging, compelling and attracting to their audience.

Don’ts of presenting content:

  • Don’t post low quality visuals, I can’t stress enough how much this matters. Blurry, low light, hard to see – it’s a no go. If you are not great with creating visuals, get some templates and use them. And seriously, wipe your phone dude;
  • Don’t neglect content, keep posting, find your flow and consistency that works for you;
  • Don’t complain – subconsciously people remember bits and pieces, they don’t know why, but they will not remember you as a leader if you will complain. It is all about how you are dealing with situations. If you go live and your mic is not working or something else happens, don’t freak out, don’t complain. Instead – deal with a situation like a boss – keep calm, make a joke and fix it or find an alternative;
  • Don’t be insecure – always remember, you are freaking awesome, you are a beautiful soul in and out, you rock and you need to show that. If you need help to build up your confidence or self esteem, take some courses or reach out to coach. Confidence is important;
  • Don’t post for yourself, post for your audience. You are a business not an influencer. You don’t need to share all the small details or emotions all the time. The most important is that you are giving value to your audience, you are solving their problems. Whenever you are posting something think – is this valuable for my ideal client, is this solving their problems. Not just what you feel interesting and want to share.

Do’s of presenting content:

  • Keep in mind that everyone learns different – some will read, some will listen, some will watch video. For example, I love different ways in different situations. When I walk with my dog, I listen to podcasts or books at double speed, when I have chill time I would watch some videos, but when I am in a content consuming wave I would read super quick. I love speed reading and it saves me tons of time if anything I learn is written instead of audio or video content. When you know your ideal client you will see what is working the best for them;
  • Be short and on point, ditch all the emmm, mums and other filler words. I know I am guilty of it too, but we can practice and become better, become more aware of what we are using and then try not to use them;
  • Have your mood board close and whatever visuals you share, have them on brand. The colours, fonts, vibe – it all should be consistent (You can go back to episode nr 6 and see how to stay consistent with your visuals, it’s really important topic.);
  • Give your best advice and value. Don’t hold back, don’t think that you are sharing something that you could take charge for. Your free content is to attract and compel your clients, to show that you are the expert they want to work with. It’s alright if you have the same value also in your paid programmes and consultations. Because when they come and pay you they want to solve the specific problem. They want your content to be organized step by step, so that they would knew exactly what they need to do. In your free content you can share bites and pieces here and there and it will take for them a long time to put it all together so that it would make sense and create a huge difference. Just give your best advice and don’t think that you can overshare something;
  • Create your content with intention to repurpose. If you record a podcast or YouTube video, create a blog post for it or other way around. From there you can have several social media posts and topic for live videos. You can share the same message every day using different ways – written, video, audio, more visual.

Sparkle up

Now, the time for my favorite part – sprinkling some drops of prettiness and tweaking your content.

Use your colours, elements, don’t be shy editing your videos to add your logo or other brand elements. For Facebook or Instagram stories use filters, captions, music and gifs. Show your energy, the feeling of your content. People will look forward to seeing more and more and when they will see your post on their timelines they will stop to actually read/sea/ hear it because they will recognize it.
Remember that people are not always watching with sound on so adding captions definitely helps and you can get more attention.

Create your style of presentation and be consistent with it. You will see it will pay off.

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