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How to demonstrate “intangible” clients results

There is 1 thing most of my past students or clients have done wrong. Well, actually including myself.

Let’s talk about the nr.1 asset you need to grow your online business.

No, it’s not your website.
It’s not even your super compelling and incredible content.
It’s not your vanity metrics and followers.
And.. NO it’s not how regularly you show up, either.

They all are great and obviously help , but they are NOT the nr.1. So let’s talk about the most important asset, to grow your online business.

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Back to episode.

So what is the most important asset, to grow your online business?


Yes, I am talking about your RESULTS, about your experience and proof.

This is the nr. 1 asset. Without it, it will be hard, it will be a struggle.

If you can show amazing, life-changing results you’ve created for people in the past, you’ll always find new clients who CAN’T WAIT to throw money at you. If you haven’t had any clients yet, you have work to do. I suggest getting a couple ideal clients and create transformation for them for fraction of your regular price or even for free. It is totally OK, and even needed in the beginning. As how you can be sure your service or product is valuable enough to change, if you don’t have results.

If you do have clients already there’s just a tiny tiny problem. Two, actually:

  1. Most online businesses are messy about collecting and showing off client results.
  2. In some niches, it’s very hard to measure and show results in an impressive way.

Number 1 is very easy – you gotta find a system that works for you for collecting results and testimonials. I can’t do it for you, but I can share ways how we are doing it within my companies.

How to collect client’s results

  1. Screenshot everything. Trust me, it helps so much! We have this incredible google folder with results, wins, testimonials, reviews and it makes life so much easier. So whenever someone leaves a review on a podcast (shameless plug – if you do enjoy the content I am bringing to you, do leave a review – we will screenshot it, we will appreciate it and might even give you a shout out) we will screenshot all those things. If they were public on someone’s socials or they left a public review, great, you can use it. If they sent privately, you want to ask permission to use it publicly or you can cover the person’s name and photo. Everything counts, the smallest win is still huge! Also this is perfect for days, when you are not feeling your highest you, when that imposter syndrome kicks in, go to that folder and feel the love and impact you are making! If you organise it by service, type of result, it will help you to find better.
  2. Goodbye kit. Having not only a smooth and great onboarding process, it is essential to have a Goodbye kit. Here you can include personal note for your client, list other services they might be interested in, suggestions for future, any helpful tools and resources as well as information about your referral programme & most importantly section where you ask about testimonial. Make it easy for them, add questions you would like them to answer, as well give options for format: text, video, audio. It is important to make it easy for them.
  3. Ask for testimonial on final call. If you have the final call with your client, then it is a great idea to ask them if they are OK to spend extra 5 min to give you a testimonial. Again, ask questions yourself while on a call. It will be the quickest and easier way to do so! Plus their emotions, breakthroughs, results most likely will be on the highest energy level as they just worked with you, they just had that experience, so it’s fresh in their mind. Don’t forget to record it.

If it all feels overwhelming, here are a few questions that I learnt from my friend and mentor Des Dobreva

Questions that will help you to get the most amazing testimonials from your clients:
  • Were you doubtful before you started working with me? It will help potential clients to feel relatable.
  • What kept you from doing it sooner and why did you finally go for it? Again, helps with objections.
  • What surprised you the most about the service/ working with me? This is great to get your potential clients excited.
  • What changed for you now that you have everything delivered? As well – results speaks themselves!
  • What would you say to someone who’s still on the fence? Do we need any more convincing.

See this works magic, it handles doubt, objections and also speaks about results. Win win.

How to show results in an impressive way

And here comes the advice for the 2nd problem. With my Business and Branding consultations, both Branding and Pinterest agencies, we work with a lot of coaches and consultants, where they struggle to brag about their clients’ results in a cool, satisfying way – because their niche is not! Yes, their clients work hard and achieve MASSIVE results, but those transformations are not easy to express. They don’t have “before and after” photos to show, they don’t have exact return on investment with reports and numbers.

If that is you, if you struggle with this, I am here to show you there are ways – pretty cool ones in fact.

1. First thing you want to do is to TELL STORIES

If your client’s transformation is hard to sum up with pretty pictures or specific numbers, then… don’t. Instead, tell the story of the journey you took together. Tell your audience what makes this client’s experience SPECIAL! To make sure your story has everything you need, structure it something like BEFORE -> AFTER -> RESULT:

  • first, talk about what was the clients problem, pain point, what was the triggers to wanting to make a change;
  • then, reveal what kind of results you’ve helped them create, and how your client’s life has changed from working with you;
  • connect the dots from before to after and share how exactly you’ve helped the client to change their situation.
2. SHARE ACHIEVEMENTS your client has made.

Any progress is very important and should be celebrated. If you feel it is hard-to-measure things like mindset, your work STILL manifests in the real world, you just need to find it. Always look for tangible, specific results that MEAN something to your clients – something they are desiring and really looking forward to. They are way more fun than the general benefits like client became more confident, client now have a routine for self love.

Example would be: client became more confident that led to 10x income in following month or client became more happy and found the perfect life partner.

And whatever niche you’re in, I promise that you have those achievements! It can be a screenshot that their calendar is fully booked or that they have improved decision making or maybe their finances and relationships with money have become better, maybe they have planned out strategy for their membership launch or they are sharing how they are changing habits – for example waking up earlier or exercising daily or regular milk for almond one.

The summary

Get testimonials, capture all results, wins and bragging, check in with your clients and make a nice experience with Welcome and Goodbye kit (by the way we have templates available inside Brand Creators Academy).

Keep it up consistently whenever you work with somebody new and you’ll build up a library of badass results to brag your ass of how amazing your clients are and how you supported them. How cool is that?

THIS is how you can showcase client results if your niche is unusual and your transformations are hard to measure!
If you are in a business where it is easier to show the results, you have clear before and after, you have numbers and more – you are OK to use these strategies too! They work magic.

That is it from me today, be awesome, do your thing, brag about results, get those testimonials and go after the life you love!

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