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How to make amazing selfies for business

Ok, lets talk about selfies! Some people love them, some people hate them.
Like it or not, selfies have become a social norm. And while there have definitely been times when I have scorned them… because, I mean, not every selfie belongs on your feed, they also happen to be one of the most popular photos posted to the social media.

In fact, even in general conversations with friends, customers and family it seems to be true that we see bigger engagement on the photos we post of ourselves versus any other type of photos.

Lets talk about WHY it that?

I would really say that it is because we all are humans, naturally social creatures and when we see real person we really engage, we feel connection. We also comment as we want to compliment or express our opinion {what we really like to do lol}.

There is lot of jokes about it and selfies tend to get a bad wrap because.. well, you know.. duck face.

Sometimes we don’t have anyone who could take photo of us, so it is also comfy in out busy lives to capture moments quick.

Whether we choose to get on board with them or not, the selfie doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Also I think that embracing the trend & incorporating them into your biz social media accounts can be great way to connect more deeply with your audience.

However, before you just pick up your phone and start making hundreds of selfies, there are few things you should now and avoid when you start snapping and posting them to your accounts.

You can check out my video where I share 3 tips to make best selfies, if you want to get deeper and learn more about light, makeup, background etc you can scroll down a little further, I have created download sheet with 28 tips How to make amazing selfies for business {write your name and e-mail to Get your FREE download}

Hopefully you now feel a little more confident about taking a selfie and using them in your business. Either it is to connect with your audience, to make likeable and creditable profile picture or to show how creative ad fun you are, I think it is worth it.  I also hope you are excited to try out fun new ways to incorporate them into your social media feed. Let’s get creative, ok?!

And don’t forget to download this cheat sheet with my tips!

Download: 28 tips How to make amazing selfies for business ⬇

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