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How to stay consistent with your Visual Branding?

Today I want to call you out…
Call you out about visual branding and how consistent or not consistent you are staying with it.

Do you change your colours, fonts and other visuals every second month or so?
Do you have shiny object syndrome and can’t find a way to stick to something?
Do you wish you would be more consistent with it?

Want to know the real reason why you are not consistent with your visual branding?

This happens when you:

  • Haven’t done your visuals based on your internal branding
  • Have made them for you, not your ideal client.

We will come back to this, but first, let’s look into big WHY.

It’s difficult to put any plan into action when you don’t understand why you are doing it. You need to understand why consistent visuals matter. Also, train your team to know the same so they see the value in consistent brand positioning.

Research shows that brands that have a consistent visual identity typically resonate better with clients.

This also means that businesses with a consistent visual identity often have to spend less on advertising and marketing over the long-term. If your visual identity is inconsistent, you’ll have to spend more time and money in order for clients to recognize your brand.

Reasons why inconsistency in visual branding is not good marketing strategy:

  1. Your audience will not get a chance to remember you while you already will have a new look. It is like meeting you for the first time all over again. Imagine someone has noticed your brand, but hasn’t taken an action yet. He is building trust on you gradually, but while it happens you change your visuals and the person does not recognize you anymore, all trust building process starts from the beginning.
  2. None will take you seriously, if you look all over the place with your identity and marketing. It is not professional and your audience might perceive that you haven’t figured it all out, that you are not serious about your business, which instantly subconsciously gives a no from them.
  3. When you stay true to a core identity, it shows that identity is a part of who you are, not just something you created for marketing or promotional purposes.
  4. Strong and consistent visuals clear up any confusion about your brand’s identity that clients may have about who your brand is, what you stand for and who is your audience.
  5. Consistency builds trust. You want that “know, trust and like” factor which leads to actual purchases. If you change your visuals all the time trust will not be gained.
  6. Being clear about brand identity helps employees and executive teams stay aligned with core values and positioning. When you hire your graphic designer, VA, ads specialist or social media manager, it is very important that you have consistent visuals and you can give them a brand strategy to which they can stick when doing their job.
  7. Consistency provides simplicity. When you have a defined brand image, it’s easier for you, for your team and most importantly clients

How to stay consistent

To make sure you are not changing your visuals every 2nd month, you want to be clear on your internal branding and ideal client. Put your ego aside and focus on what will be appealing for your audience rather than what you like and what are the latest trends. We all are guilty of shiny object syndrome, but let’s pull this together and stick with it. It is not about you, yes it is part of you, but it is about your ideal client.

If you are struggling with defining your visuals, you can reach out and book a consultation or you can do Brand Style Challenge, it is totally free and totally awesome!

I am encouraging you to look on your visual branding and honestly ask yourself:

Have I created visuals for me, based on my own opinion and style or have I considered my values, brand vibe and personality and have I considered my client?

Will clients be compelled by everything I am putting out there?

Think about it, reflect, and get it right!

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