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I woke up grateful, it is really important as sometimes I forgot it and get stressed.

First step acknowledging as many times we feel embarrassed for it. You need to find way to make your #business work for you. I can help, but I can’t do it for you.

Did you started business to make more money and get #freedom? Cause lot of us do it. We want to be powerful and have more money, but most of times we realise .. “Wait a minute – I work more, I am feeling broke, I am stressed!.. Money is not coming yet..”. You need to start from different angle. You are not building your business around your lifestyle, you are building your lifestyle around business. But most important is to have peace in mind. And don’t get me wrong. I love to hustle, I love to make money and to have freedom, but if I am stressed and I am not in harmony with mind – it is wrong! Simple as that!

Guna Meldere beyonce

If I can’t sit and be with myself for couple minutes or hour and say that I am #happy inside, I have peace and gratitude, I don’t have anything. You can be power and money, but you are miserable. I have been there, but I changed it. So happy that I did. You are responsible about your feelings and about your Happiness, none else.

No one can feel peace for You. We follow celebrities, places we want to go, looking at nice photos in Instagram, looking on our Vision boards. NO! Those are great for #inspiration, for #motivation and for getting Momentum going on, but not for Happiness. You can’t feel other happiness. No matter how much I like those pictures … If I am not living life, I am not.

I feel really #passionate. I want not just motivate people and then after they just quit, but I want that you feel what actually good life means for you. I don’t talk about good car, new bed or fashion outfit – those are great things, but when you are alone with yourself: Are you Happy? When you sit with yourself without anything – Are you happy?

Guna Meldere Passionista

Who you spending your time with? Are you investing in your #relationships? I understand, MODE: building empire! But still, you need your squad, your family. You need to think what is your life really made of. Like for real. That is kinda good foundation how we gonna get started.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube… I am boss, I am power, I am icon, I have loads of followers… It is great & awesome, but Are You HAPPY? I don’t care how followers you have as we know quality is over quantity. I care: Are you Happy? So anyway this is #important if you are blogger, coach, consultant, network marketer, entrepreneur and topic HOW TO TAKE STRESS OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS will be useful for YOU.

  • What THE #task is? What needs to be done? Best way how to measure it, is to write down everything you do on daily basis {take notes every single day, even about small things you do, it can take up to couple of months to measure it}. So why to do it? You actually making list of jobs what you can delegate, get rid of or make them work for you not opposite. So if you have lot of e-mails, then you need to figure out who you can hire or who could do it for you, for example, every second day. You can give value back, it can be money, it can be your business, it can be your skills {free consultation}. If your business is something what some can’t afford, but could help to you – do partnership – exchange. You can delegate your business, get organised, actually not giving money from your pocket. So write down all tasks what needs to be done – everything.
  • One of key things how to run business and get that #lifestyle is to learn how to let go some of your control, if you don’t – you will be broke, not broke, but stuck definitely. So if you are not happy about yourself, about money you are making, you need to let go. You need to start to work smart. Don’t pick book “How to make more money”, pick a book “How to delegate” or “How to work smart”. Because at the end of the day, it is all about how many people you can lead and how good you can put your business in system. In the result you will make more money.

I am queen of this, I always want to do everything by myself, every little thing… which all together is giving me stress. So how to get stress out is being really good at leading people, delegating. All big brands, like Apple, Nike etc. they all have teams, and lots of people, they lead and delegate.

Make system, support others, please don’t just take from people, give back. Make a difference not just in your business.

I am sharing tips and tricks, but it is not about how to make more money, it is about YOU. As you can have all money in the world, but if you hate what you do, your life and business, it doesn’t matter. I am not one of those people, who will tell having money is the best thing, it is definitely one of the amazing things, as if you have money, you can have more freedom, but if you are miserable, it does not matter.

I want you to prioritise your day, your everyday life. Not how much money I am making, it is important, but don’t let it overtake your main values. What makes you happy? Just think and ask yourself: What makes me happy? Maybe it is just sitting in coach in silence, maybe it is having cup of coffee and good book, maybe it is healthy meal or hot bath with candles and relaxing music. That don’t sound too hard, but how comes that so many people to get something so simple like that, managing their lives  in completely different way. You know what I mean. What makes me happy is listening music I like and dance. That is free as hell. So many people first of all don’t know what makes them happy, they are so busy trying to figure out how to do more, more, more… that they are not taking time to be happy.

  • Focus on making a SALE. Why we are so stressed out because we are worried about Social Media, about posts, about e-mails, we are worried about someone look at us, someone liking, sharing content. We are worried what out friends and family will think. What you really need to worry about is HOW DO I SELL to my customer. Are you running a business or you not? A business is: you are giving value in exchange of money. So focus on that. The other staff is important, but most important is – are you getting sales? I want you to think about your social media – YES, I want you to think about your e-mails – YES, but if at the moment is all too much, then minimise.

Trust me. When your main focus will be sale, you will make more money and when you do make more money you will feel better and you can use it for working smarter, using tools, delegating something. Get more sales – you will be happier & you will have more freedom.

Guna Meldere Beyonce

If your business pull you back, it is not good. I was there. It doesn’t matter if you look put together, if you don’t feel like you are put together. Big difference. Now I even don’t care if people think I am put together, I need to feel put together. And then whatever everyone think is good for them.

  • Don’t let anyone interrupt your wealth-being. One thing we need to learn about our business is that there will always be an e-mail, will be customer with question, there always will be someone complaining, unhappy. And it is just normal, you will never be in place, where everyone is happy and satisfied, so you have to learn how to sleep with it. Go to sleep with fact that not everything has been solved. Honestly, most powerful thing, HOW TO GET STRESS out of your business is to understand that everything can not be solved. Always there will be something going around. The trick is not how to fix it, but how to find my inner peace no matter what. Go sleep with peace and wake up with peace. If there is a problem, don’t freak out.

You can’t operate if you are 100% stressed out. You will not sleep, you will be worried. You need that time to not care for a second. You need that time for yourself, when you are fully yourself, when you feel complete, when your energy is replenished, when you feel that you can take deep breath. You just gonna accept whatever challenge you will have. If it don’t eat your soul and energy, it makes a big difference how you deal with your business.

It makes you to be more capable with more situations. There will always be situations – something wrong with web page, with products, deadlines, shipping etc – things happen. Don’t let it get to your spirit so much, that you are not enjoying your life. It is OK, if something not going well all the time. It will not make your brand or company less successful. You know what will take success out from your company? Definitely, if you are not happy. So every time when something going on with customer service, just think.. OK, everyone have those issues, it is not just me. Your company can’t be 100% positive in all ways all the time, it is just impossible. You always gonna deal with something. The question is – CAN YOU? The question is can you allow yourself an hour of peace and quietness? Can you allow yourself to be happy, even is something going on.

That is one of the business switches what helped me, when I decided that my business is not dictating over my wellbeing. It changed, my business is getting better, my life is getting better. Nothing is dictating over my wellbeing except myself. Even my family. As much as I love my business I will never give that power. If it is eating my spirit, it is not for me.

Don’t make it all about I am boss, I have la la, Yeah it is good for you, but are you happy?

Guna Meldere Passionista

You need to be happy and need to take care of your wellbeing first in place to have successful and not stressful business.

Invest in yourself. Learn and then Earn.

Feel that passion in right direction. I want to make you feel good and enjoy your entrepreneur life.


Guna | Passionista

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