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From Confused and Lost Creative Soul to Joyful and Successful Brand Stylist.

Today, I want to talk about something more personal, but still related to branding. Still related to art.

The last e-mail of Alex Wolf inspired me. It changed everything with this:

“Yes. I’m the type to make a whole brand because I’m going through some shit in my personal life.
What can I say?
I do art.

And finally I can admit that, hell, YES, I do art. And I am proud of it.

Being Multi-passionate Has Immensely Shaped my Life Click To Tweet

I have always been multi-passionate and I have changed my businesses and life quite a bit just because of that.

I have felt I am not worthy because of that.

I have felt lost and miserable because I am interested in so many things.

“Why I can’t be normal? Have one thing, stick to it, and go with it?”

Those were the questions I was asking myself. My inner talk was neither beautiful nor inspiring.

It all started when I was very young.

I did  weird stuff, I was different. I made clothes for myself, my life was a dance, an art. It was a social life.

I also liked to be alone with my thoughts. I could dream all day and night about my future. I sure was an entrepreneur in some of my dreams, but also a freelancer in others…

But never an employee.

I had a lot of opinions from other people, a lot of advice what I should or shouldn’t do.

Luckily, these opinions were not coming from my family. They were the most supportive – back then when I was young and now, when I have my own family.

I was the girl who would mix different styles in an outfit, in dance moves, and in art.

I was not following norms.

One day, I would wear a hip-hop style cloth with high heels and Goth make-up. On the other, I would wear a floral dress with sports shoes and a denim jacket. And sure, I had a hard time about it.

I also liked science and sports. And I could not decide which direction to go and do more, so I did it all, with all my energy.

I was the girl, who was a part of communities. A part of gangs and squads. Completely different ones.

I had a lot of friends.

I was a cool chick, doing break dance and drawing graffiti, and, at the same time, I was the perfect school girl with the best grades.

I was the nerd at IT coterie and the warrior at sports competitions. I was a good daughter and a granddaughter.

I was kind, but I also had attitude.

I got in trouble a lot as well, I did not have any limits.

People said “It is not acceptable, she is wasting her brain over art. She is getting in trouble, she wears crap & looks like a punk. She parties too much and she gets everything too easily.”

The Truth about How Things Really Were Click To Tweet

Actually, it wasn’t easy, it was hard work.

I am not coming from a rich family. In fact, my mum raised me alone with the help of my grandparents.

I do not have brothers or sisters. I overcame fear and struggle on a daily basis, I was kind, had a courage and I always showed up.

I cared about others and I stood for the truth. And I kept doing it. It didn’t destroy me, as others said, it made me stronger and better.

When I finished the State gymnasium, I knew I needed to go to university – I love to learn and evolve.

My First Job Turned me Into the Customer’s Best Friend Click To Tweet

As I did not have money for it, I started working while still in high school. My first job was pretty cool – I was a marketing assistant in an exclusive jeans-wear shop. I also performed some other shop assistant responsibilities.

Despite it was a quaint shop in the countryside, the everyday communication with the clients was awesome. I became the customer’s best friend and I always told the truth about how they look.

Our sales were growing & I learnt that you should be honest, you should tell the truth, even though at first, it does not look beneficial for the business. In the end, it is more rewarding.

When I moved to the capital city, I started working in a bank and went to university to study business and marketing. At the same time, I registered my first limited company. I did not know what I will do or how to run a business, but I knew I needed to do the first step.

I know I am basically telling all my life story, but you will see what I want to share.

It is just my big will to help, share and figure things out.

Beginning the Journey to Discovering My Passion Click To Tweet

I had a lot of friends in the creative field who struggled with jobs, so I thought,

“I have great connections {as I was working only with VIP customers and companies at the bank} ,let’s make it work for me!”

That’s how I decided that my company will be an event agency. I will offer corporate events to my connections and at the same time, I will be able to help out my friends by offering them opportunities to earn some money.

Everything went amazing. Even without any experience in industry, we had incredible events with outstanding performances and after each event, I received countless compliments and amazing reviews.

Other Passions Spiced Things Further Up Click To Tweet

As I was studying Marketing, I thought I could do something in this area as well, so I started managing social media accounts for entrepreneurs. Despite that I was not the best, even accounts that were very salesy were turned into beautiful accounts with stunning graphics and gorgeous photos. Back then, almost a decade ago, everyone was just figuring out social media and how to successfully advertise businesses there.

As you might have noticed, I was changing or adding services to my business. Everything what I got interest in, I would try to make a business out of it.

So, the next was opening a Photo Studio as I started going to a Photography school. I thought it would be amazing. I could practise, I could do my events there, and I could rent a studio for others and maybe learn something from them, too. And it happened.

Even that was not enough for me. When I got married and was waiting my little one, I was feeling very close to all people who hustled and especially those who did hand-made stuff, so I opened a Design shop. It was only for products made in Latvia. I wanted to help manufacturing grow. I still had a photo studio and an event agency…

I had a few employees, my husband helped a lot, so everything was under control.

BUT AGAIN, it wasn’t enough.

I was searching for something more, I wanted to create, to help, to makethe world a better place to live. I also was waiting Emilija, so hormones were all over the place.

I started producing hand-made, educational and Montessori toys for babies and some nursery interior products. At some point, everything became too much for me.

Discovering my Real Passion – ART – and Turning It into a Lifestyle Click To Tweet

I hope you can see the pattern – I have always built my business around my passions, around my life, and around my lifestyle. And I have always wanted to be a part of something new.

I love new beginnings, I love the excitement that new entrepreneurs get. I also love overcoming the fear and the struggles, as entrepreneurship is not just sunshine and roses. It is hard and challenging.

I always have been in an artsy, techy and business mood.

SO, finally I have found the right place.

All those endeavours are left behind, in my home country. Now, I am in Scotland, living a dream.

I still build businesses around my passion and lifestyle. I do what I love.

I am a part of new beginnings all the time – be it a new begging of a brand or rebranding – I am part of it. This time, it is not mine.

I do art. And I am enough. I have finally managed to make all my passions work for me and compliment rather than conflict each other. By working with brands, I have a chance to be different, to be creative, to do photography, and to be an IT nerd.

With that being said:

Do not listen to anyone who tries to convince you that are neither worthy nor able to do it… If you have a vision, go for it. And be proud of it! Click To Tweet

I am proud of my art and of my choices as they all have made me the person I am today.

What struggles have you faced and how have your sincere passion helped you overcome them?


  • You, Guna, are a true inspiration.

    A rebel who has overcome the fear and who has never been afraid to question the status quo.

    A lost chic that has managed to turn herself into a successful brand stylist <3

    May I present my sincere admiration for your amazing endeavours!

  • Sebastian says:

    I love your story Guna! As a leader in IT environments I’ve so often told people to be true to themselves and to follow their passion. So many people get trapped as an employee in a big company although their heart tells them to follow their dreams. The reason for this is almost always fear.

    I love that you kept following your heart, against all odds. To be honest, I must admit that the story of my life has some chapters where I tried to follow rules and regulations against my better judgment. And without exception I now know that I should have followed my heart instead.

    Thanks for your honesty and openness!

    • Guna Meldere says:

      Thank you, Sebastian, for taking time and reading my story. Fear is the biggest enemy. I love your attitude, we should encourage others to follow their dreams more!

  • Guna I loved reading this. You are one of the most energetic and creative people I know. I’m so pleased that you’ve found your passion in all those things wrapped together. Be different, be you, and be happy xx

  • What an inspiration you are, I loved reading this, I felt that I was on a journey with you.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Alise says:

    This is one amazing story. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a nice day. xoxo

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