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Create Ideal Client profile crime show style

In this episode we learn the best way how to use analogies, metaphors and how to create Ideal Client profile in crime show style.

Do you like detective movies or crime shows like White Collar, C.S.I.? Then this episode will be relevant for you in many more ways. We will play FBI agents. You might wonder why, and that is totally OK. I will explain it all in a second.

When you learn using analogies, metaphors it sticks to your beautiful brain much better. Studies show that the use of analogies and metaphors in the learning process can have a powerful impact on a learner’s understanding of new or complex concepts. They highlight the similarities between knowledge we already have and the one we are trying to learn. Our brains are association machines. Connections, relationships, patterns — we need meaning!

So what do I mean by playing FBI agents?

It is easy actually. Whenever you think of your ideal client, you need to imagine that you are an FBI agent. Fun right? You need to know your client’s “profile” just like lawmen do.

Think – you know everything about your customers behavior, you know them emotionally, you know them psychologically. You know about their financial and social status, you know what’s important for them, you know exact problems they have, struggles they have. You know exactly what kind of language they use and what they do in a day. You know what content they are consuming, what is their idea about great life. You know what they want in their life and what is the ultimate goal.

Magic happens when you know exactly what your customers want. Exactly what to say to them. And most importantly how to deliver that message. To know all that, you gotta go deep.

Think of your IDEAL clients. What do they all have in common? List every similarity, both: demographic – age, income, gender, marital status, industry; and psycho graphic – values, beliefs, lifestyle, hobbies, interests, etc. Now use those and create a single representation of your Ideal Client with as many specific details as you can.

This is your ideal customer avatar – be the FBI agent, dig deep, know everything about your suspect. Describe this person so well that you can easily step in their shoes. The goal is to know your clients so well that you can think like them, speak like them, experience their emotions and essentially be them.

In Brand Launch Academy we go deep on this, we have super detailed training that will help you to be the best detective you can be.

When you have gathered all information about your ideal client, now is the time to BE that person.

Step into their skin. Look at life through their lens. What do they feel, what kind of emotions they experience? Do they search for products like you offer, what stories do they tell themselves? What specific language, words they are saying? What excuses do they have, what blocks do they have?

Now go deeper. You are under cover. You gotta become friends with your person. They need to feel that you are the same. Now is the time for you to understand your person even better than they understand themselves.

Be them:

  • What do you worry about?
  • What fears are you experiencing?
  • What stresses you out on a regular basis?
  • What triggers you?

Now you have an idea about the importance of a client avatar. Know your person so well, that it’s a little bit scary. That is what it takes to be in Compassion based marketing. You need to understand psychology, human behaviour. You need to understand your client, in order to sell what they think they want, but give them what they need.

OK, agent! Now Back to work, dig deep and report back. You got this!

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