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When you embody what you stand for, who you are, your essence, expression - everything you do and say becomes magnetic and irresistible.

Yes, please!
Build a relationship with yourself and your brand.

You’ve got to work on your identity and know yourself in and out. Identify your beliefs, values, behaviours and thought patterns, recognise how your energy flows and build awareness when you are moving further away from your true self.

Human Design is a wonderful tool to help you with all that. It is permission to be the wildest expression of yourself. To be unapologetically you.

Let’s see how you can leverage your design to express yourself in your brand and business most magnetically and irresistibly.

I would like to introduce very special book.

It’s like a secret spell book or incredibly magical dictionary to translate your superpowers.

11 pages of transformation
Human design business, branding & marketing edition
Individual HD report!

You will discover:

  • How does your audience feel when they are around your energy
  • What is so magnetic about you
  • What you are here to learn and what you are here to share
  • What is the frequency behind your vision and purpose
  • How you can translate your thoughts into words
  • How to express yourself with your content and visuals
  • What business models work best for your energy
  • To niche or not
  • To use a personal brand or not
  • How to use human design for your marketing
  • And so much more

Please note: You need to know your date, time and location of birth to order your personalised report.

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Guna Meldere

Creative Director, wild soul, Manifestor, 6/3

I am known by my web and design company as well as my amazing community Brand Creators and everything art, creative expression, human design and behaviour, spicy and adventurous things and by sending you on a date with your Brand.

Over the last 7 years, I have been helping businesses to build magnetic and desirable brands by truly expressing who they are, building visuals and systems that not only look nice but have deeper meaning and create sustainable and powerful results.

Can’t wait to help you to do the same.