Want to become a go-to person in the industry without burning out and going against your intuition?

How would it feel

to Position yourself as an authority, build a highly-engaged audience, get more online clients, and become a desirable brand while being true to yourself and maintaining your energy?

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I'm sure I am a lot like you…

I wasn’t always the girl teaching hundreds of people how to run a business that they actually love. The business that not only feels great, is aligned with who they are, but also supports the freedom they want.

And honestly, not too long ago I was confused myself and didn’t know how to balance the Strategy and Energy.

The truth is that I was never showing my spiritual side.
I would only lead with logic, always recommend strategies, tactics, and “shiny new things” to my clients.

Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would not. And it always felt like a little battle.

The voices of:

Stay consistent!

Work harder!

You need to hustle a little more!

would never let me go.

Until one day, when everything clicked

the day, I will never forget.

The day I had a breakthrough, or breakdown really.

The missing link was allowing myself to be unapologetically me. Allowing myself to discover my superpowers beyond the Strategies and Tactics. Embracing and embodying my spiritual side.

See, in most of my clients I identify 2 patterns.

First one:

They are very much into Strategies and Systems, where they know exactly what they need to tell, when to do it and which is the best line to open up the conversation. They have a text book. They know it all.
But unfortunately, things are not happening as predicted or happening very inconsistently. Sales comes and goes and it is not sustainable. Or they perform well, but it leads to burning out and feeling exhausted.

Second one:

They are working on mindset, they have all the tools to support them – they have the crystals, they have the oracle cards, they love essential oils, you name it. Shadow work, meditation, they are practising and becoming the best versions of themselves. They are ready for sales, but things are also not happening, because they don’t have the Strategy, they are not clear on messaging and offers, there is a lack of business setup.

The magic happens when we embody both.

  • Does it sound familiar?

  • Are you feeling that something is missing?

  • How would it feel to understand your influential energies and shine in the marketplace?


The Place Where Creative Entrepreneurs create compelling brands that go from First Impressions to Results with ease.

Side effects to combining Strategy with Energy might include


financial freedom, time freedom, whichever you are looking for


to share your story and gifts, sell your offers and bring your own magic to the party

Dream client attraction

what else is better than working with clients you love


feeling truly you and having the awareness of your power

hi I am Guna Meldere

I am an Intuitive Business Strategist and Brand Stylist. Founder of Brand Creators.

My magic combines strategy with energy while using branding and human design.

I guide others to align with the frequency of freedom, embrace their gifts and step into their power.

Years in business
Brands built

Featured in


The Frequency of Freedom

We created The Success Map to help you take each course in the right order based on where you are right now in your entrepreneurial journey.

What's inside Brand Creators

You are clear on your internal and visual branding – purpose, values, goals, ideal client and more. You know who is your audience and how to help them, you are not chasing them, but they are reaching out to you. Your business is unstoppable as your actions are aligned with your passion and purpose. Your visuals rock!

You have step by step Business growth plan – you are able to attract high-paying clients who feel excited and ready to work with you

You are productive and happy – you have the best tips and tools for productive work and most importantly your mindset is in the right place. You love what you do & you work smart, not hard.

Social media is not confusing anymore – you know exactly how to set up your accounts for success, how to stand out in the crowded online world and how to choose the best platforms for your business. And on top of it – you are leaving a killer impressions with your visuals and copy.

Your Confidence has escalated – you know that you are amazing, that you are the best version of yourself, you are ready to live the life that you love & go after your dreams with a plan in place.

Your Vibrations are raising – you know that next to strategy and plan Energy work is essential for success, you know how to manage your frequency and you understand your body

You are living in alignment with your Human Design – you recognise your influential energies, you have a clarity about how to create magnetic brand and how to use Human Design for your advantage

You add some Magic into your life – having your own magickal toolkit on your fingertips can be very powerful. Moon rituals, Crystal healing, Oracle cards and so much more

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Guest expert masterclasses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be new content?

If you know me, I can’t help but create new content so yes, get ready for more workshops, Q&A’s, courses, guest experts and more.

How is the content provided?

Through live training, recorded video masterclasses, audio training and workbooks. You will be given your own login details so you can access the content when you want.

How long do I have access to the content?

You will have access to all content provided while you are a member. When you cancel your membership, you lose access to the Dashboard and trainings.

When will the live sessions be?

The live activity will be held in a private Zoom meeting every week. A calendar of monthly events is provided in the Mighty Networks community space. If you have been in my group coaching before, you know the sessions will be frequent and high vibe!

When does the membership start and finish?

This is an ongoing membership and to get full value, I recommend staying in the membership for at least 6 months.

Can I cancel anytime?

The Monthly plan has a minimum amount of time to stay of 3-months. Your membership then converts to a monthly membership which you can cancel at anytime. Remember, once you cancel your access to the content immediately ceases.

Similarly, if you purchase the Annual Option your membership period is a minimum of 12-months which then renews automatically or you can cancel. Remember, once you cancel your access to the content immediately ceases.

Are there refunds?

Each payment is non-refundable as per our T&C when you sign up. We held a lot of great resources and digital materials, that wouldn’t be fair to other members.

Do you guarantee that this membership will improve my business?

I would love to guarantee this but I can’t. There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort and time you put in. I am, however, extremely confident that if you fully immerse yourself into the content you will have a better understanding to operate your business from a spiritual perspective as well as use strategies offered to grow your business.

How much experience do I need?

You could be just starting or a seasoned business owner.

How much time do I need to set aside for this membership?

For each week I recommend 1 to 4 hours for learning and absorbing and implementing the content.

Do I need to be an established entrepreneur to join?

This membership is made for all stages of business. If you’re just starting out, there’s no time like the present. If you’re an established coach/ consultant/ service provider and you’re searching for more clarity, more focus, more joy in your day to day, you’re in the right place! Let’s balance Strategy and Energy.

Can I hire Guna and team for 1:1 support and help for my project?

You can do this outside of your Brand Creators membership, yes. Group and 1:1 sessions are available, also we offer done-for-you branding, marketing and design services through our branding agency.

Still have some questions or need help?

Email us at info@gunameldere.com any time.