INTRODUCING the Magic in Business program

5 Soul-shifting Spaces

Audio + Video trainings meditations workbooks + prompts

where STEPPING into your POWER goes BEYOND thinking and knowledge,

All whilst ENJOYING the process in this journey, no matter how messy it is going to get.

All whilst ENJOYING the process in this journey, no matter how messy it is going to get.

This is THE program, the experience, the INITIATION you need to support and guide you through living your design and full alignment with your soul while building the business of your dreams.

When I first found out that I was a Manifestor, it has opened me up to a new level of expression that I was previously hiding away from.
It has also given me a lot of validations and confirmation my mind needed to give myself the permission to claim my magic. Over the years I have come much closer to my essence, to my core and Human Design has been a huge part of that.

I created this program for You! So you can be the most amazing version of yourself and run the business of your dreams, which also happens to make your eyes shine and heart dance.

There are many strategies, tactics and ways how to make your business work, but not always that is the happiest, exciting and best way for YOU.

And I found it! Now, I want to share it with you!

In this program, you will learn how to Support Your Business and find YOUR magic.

I know you’ve always known that you have a calling, this DEEP INNER KNOWING.
You were born for more!

You were born to SHAKE THINGS UP!

You were definitely not born to blend in.

You have FELT things, deep inside of you, the whispers just get stronger, telling you –
It’s F**KIN TIME to step up into the leader that you are, to be all that you came here to be, to be EXTRAORDINARY, to FULLY shine your light, and yes – making all the money whilst impacting and helping the world

It’s time to COME HOME to your magic, your power + potential!

Create your MASTERPIECE business & brand

Human Design power

  • Your Human Design Type and what it means for you in Business
  • YOUR unique energetics through 9 energy centers and how you are designed to interact in the world
  • Human Design profiles and how you position yourself in the business
  • Discover Your superpowers and potential – create offers aligned to your design
  • Gates, Circuits, and Channels – what type of businesses are right for you, where is your magic hidden
  • The variables and colours in Your Human design
  • Your best ways of manifesting according to your design
  • How to use your authority in business
  • Not self theme and deconditioning
  • Human Design in Marketing & Branding

Mindset, Clarity and Confidence

  • Success and perfect day
  • What doesn’t serve you anymore
  • Ditch “I am not doing enough” bullshit
  • Access your FLOW STATE
  • DIVINE TIMING & feeling “behind”
  • Confidence and Clarity in Business
  • Rewrite your limiting beliefs
  • The Transform to Devine – WEALTH program

Moon cycles

  • Moon phases and Business
  • Full Moon and New Moon Rituals
  • Codes of Light and Moon magic

Essential oils

  • Manifestation blend creation
  • Essential oils and your Human Design type
  • Individual oil support in Business

Wealth Embodiment

  • WE flow – body embodiment for wealth
  • Money workshop
  • Money lines and activations in your design
  • Self-love workshop
  • Stepping into Your Feminine Power meditation
  • Stargaze Subliminal for Creative energy & Manifestation
  • 30 min Brainwaves for Business Success
  • Guest expert trainings
  • FB support group with Q&A sessions (6 months)

Fast action BONUSES

Fast action BONUSES

Fast action BONUSES

Fast action BONUSES

Fast action BONUSES

Fast action BONUSES

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