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My life, my rules! #passionista story

We only have one life to live. AND it is #time to start living.. I mean not just existing, but really living. Balance between making a living and living a passionately creative and exciting life is something that bothers many of us daily. Well, it would be amazing to wake up everyday excited about the possibilities and live out or dreams 24 hours a day, but we all now that there are things that need to be done. I am all about ‘Dare to dream big’ … ‘Be your own boss’ … ‘Believe in yourself’…’Do it with Passion’ girl, so I love to share my crush on motivational, inspirational, pretty stuff.

I do believe that most interesting people on this planet are #passionate people. They radiate inspiration, isn’t they? We want to be around them, we want to be friends with them or at least follow them on social media {hopefully not creeping them in real life lol}. We ofter look to them for motivation. Whatever they are mothers, makeup artists, actors, entrepreneurs, writers, dancers, designers, teachers, they all share something common and that fact is the they #LOVE what they do. Passionate & Positive people are the ones who keep us following them.


The passion in my own life have changed and that is what makes it more interesting. When I was child, in my daughters age, I wanted to be apple shop owner {at that time I didn’t know anything about Steve Jobs and my favourite brand, well, for sure I was thinking about juicy and red apples from my grannies garden}. When I was around 12 years old, all I wanted was dancing, participating in competitions, being dance teacher. It was, and it still is my passion. When I need to ‘pump me up’, dancing & music is best way. When I was 17 I was so passionate about Marketing & Design, I started to work in local jeans shop for free, to just get chance to learn more about it. And my passion lead to recognition from boss and in that time good money for teenage girl. Then I moved to capital city, started Business and Marketing studies and get into banking, yes that what happened. And you know what, I loved it too, I met so many great people as I worked with companies, I was traveling around all country to meet small and huge business owners and to offer great deals from our bank. It was small branch in our country, but with really big goals.. AND then I realised – I have entrepreneurship in my #blood. I decided to establish my own company… I wan’t sure what exactly I will do, but after two weeks I had my own business. Started with marketing consultations and event planning. I didn’t know anything about reality, just theory. I did not have big budget to do any marketing for myself, well I didn’t have budget at all. I got rejected constantly. But I was so passionate about what I was doing, that none of that mattered. As all I was doing I did in my own creative way, it was different and people loved it. They loved my ideas, they loved my events and they was satisfied. I never gave up and step by step I build my brand. But there always is but, isn’t there. I was so afraid to ask decent money for my work, I was young and shy and terrified when it come to all financial side. So I didn’t get out of my hard work even to cover all my bills.. I thought I failed, I was wrong, of course. It was incredible experience and lot to learn from.

My passion now is connecting with inspirational women. Uplift, Empower and Validate them. I can not be more blessed for opportunity to be there and do what I do. My passion is helping other women become passionate. To live life, not exist. To build brand and business around awesome lifestyle.


This community is for You, if you want to get your life together. You are millennial woman who is passionate. You want more in life, you see brighter future and you Dare to #dream Big. You are ready to stop wishing that your dreams will come true and start working to achieve your goals, and live life full of healthiness, wealthiness and happiness.

Live life you love


Guna Meldere | Passionista



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