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Polarising content & identifying what parts of yourself are unique and weird

I wanted to come on here and talk real quick about polarising content – that is something very important for content creators like me and you.

My brain never stops, I think and have ideas all the time, that is also the reason for overthinking and it can be exhausting, this time it is actually beneficial. Let me dig into that…

I am going for those long walks with my dog, it’s pretty, peaceful and I can put all my thoughts in the right order. On the last walk I got to reflect, look back how the year started, how everything was going, where it is now and what is happening. What is there this year for my business and life and what is getting in a way of that? It is self auditing, you can journal, you can think, go for a walk. Whatever helps you.

With the Podcast launch, being featured on Forbes, participating in events, getting back to Youtube I am being pulled to be more visible, more transparent, more talking my truth and sharing my opinions. Because of this there is a risk and fear that can come up with everyone who wants to show more who they are.

This concept of being simultaneously attractive and repulsive to specific people is called polarisation.

By definition Polarizing is to force something or someone to go in only one direction, or to cause people to divide into two very distinct groups.

Every single time when you are actually your true self polarisation happens. When you share something, when you open up and participate in discussions. There will be people who will dig in and really understand it and be like “wow, thank you for being you as now I can be me”, it is like permission to be yourself. But you will also have an equal amount of haters – people who have different world views and opinions. Probably you experience this on some bigger or smaller level. When you are stepping into your true self, there will be people who will say: “yay girl go!” as well as people who will say: “you are not doing it right”.

Being human is complicated – our survival system kicks in and says “play it safe” but our soul says “express and be more”.

When you are exposing yourself to the world to be seen on any platform, there will be people who will really resonate and there will be people who don’t even know you, they don’t like you, they don’t trust you and there is nothing you can do as they already have made up their mind about you.

How do we deal with polarising content as business owner?

How to show up no matter what? We need to run our businesses effectively and make an impact and share the message we want to share to help people to become what they want to become. How to expand consciousness of yourself and others? Answer is – be more polarising!

You need to identify what parts of yourself are unique or weird or the ones you are hiding and bring them to the surface so that people can truly see who you are.

As the only thing will define you or differentiate You from a textbook is your personality.

Nowadays you can find pretty much everything on google. But why we choose one provider (lektor, couch, designer service etc.) over some other is because of personality. That is what will make you stand out. Yes, there is a risk. You will be rejected but you will also be attractive to people who are ready to receive your message and support.

Ask yourself:
Who am I really showing up for?
Am I more interested in justifying/ defending myself?
Or more into sharing my gift, speaking to the people who will actually receive this?

If you want to have a business you want and a brand you want, it requires a tremendous amount of acceptance and courage to make it your reality. Nobody is going to give you permission to be yourself. It needs to be coming from within. Something you need to give yourself. You might be feeling that you are not ready to be your true self, you are not ready for rejection, for business, and the income level that you say you want. But ready is not something you just feel. It is a choice you make. If you will wait till you feel ready, it might never happen.

So how much longer are you going to wait?

It is up to you, your soul. You got one life, dude. That is what I am saying. Stop wasting time trying to hide. It is better to decide to be ready and learn in the hard way. Otherwise it will never happen. Your perfect tools, resources, coach, course… Launching this podcast and my digital products opened my eyes so wide. I was waiting, I was preparing, getting ready for too long trying to make everything perfect. But it’s never perfect.

The time is NOW!
Show up, be open, visible and share your gift.

Do it strategically. My commitment is to be more visible, share more openly. I love you even if you disagree with me. Nothing will change that. And shouldn’t for you either.

I also play double Advocate for myself. To decide if I am going to share something or not, I always ask if this will be helpful for someone. If it might, I am going for it! Do the same. Think about it. If you feel that your message will be helpful for someone, just go for it! Do not overthink. I am interested to support you!

I am encouraging you to be yourself. It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not.

Be yourself. I am waiting for you. World is waiting for you. If there is no risk, no magic as well.

Figure out what polarising opinions you have. It doesn’t need to be something crazy. That way you can stand out and find people who will really resonate with you and potentially can become your clients. There will also be people who will hate you. But that’s fine. If there are no haters, you haven’t made it yet.

Be yourself. Be amazing. Go after the life you want.

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