Brand Style Basics

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4 reviews for Brand Style Basics

  1. Monika Kralj

    This course from Guna has finally helped me to nail so many of my business brand areas that I was struggling with. From my keywords, to colours, my brand season, core values to me finally understand who my ideal client is.
    Running my own business is not always easy and there are always so many areas to cover. Getting clear guidance and advice on the brand side of business is so valuable. Guna always explains her guidance with such clarity and there is a pdf with questions and quizzes to fill in that helped me get clear on my branding. Since making branding changes in my business, this got reflected on my marketing message and this really got noticed by my clients. The result I really wanted to achieve!

  2. Alexia Rock

    Such a great course to get thinking about where to start and get the creative juices working!!!

  3. Magdalena Pawlik

    Everyone having their own business and personal brand needs to know this. All Guna’s courses are wonderful resources to get you started on the visual journey to improve your brand.

  4. Claire Petto

    I used to think branding was just visual, but there is so much more & it’s it’s been really helpful learning so much more to help the branding of my business

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