Brand Style Course

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How to Finally Master Your Visuals and Communicate the Right Message.

I will share with you:

  • The secrets behind using colour to create emotive connection
  • How to use textures, patterns and illustrations to add character and personality
  • How to carefully select typefaces that add a distinctive and intentional vibe to your designs

We will learn how to pull all of these elements together to create a design you are proud of.
I will encourage to think BIG about your business so that you develop the focus to be able to create your own visuals.
Once you understand the principles behind styling a brand, there is no reason why you can’t create something extraordinary for your business.

And I Will Show You How!


  • Brand Strategy
    Why your branding is so important? Branding basics
  • Visual Identity Basics
    The significance of Visual Identity. External brand importance
  • Colours
    Colour psychology. Choosing and creating a colour palette for your brand.
  • Typography
    Font personalities. How to choose fonts for your brand.
  • Icons and Patterns
    How to find the right style for your brand.
  • Photography Basics
    How to improve your photos using just your phone
  • Design Software Training
    Introduction to Canva
  • Logo design
    How to easy create a clean and simple logo

3 reviews for Brand Style Course

  1. Tania Teodor

    I love this course! Really on point, comprehensive, easy to understand and integrate information! Totally recommend!

  2. Dawn Gatward

    Everyone in business should do this course… it literally transformed my brand (which was pretty non-existent beforehand)

  3. Magdalena Pawlik

    Oh, this is the first course I got my hands on when I started working with Guna. It’s essential for every business owner, really! We need to understand many aspects of our brand and Guna walks us step by step of how great branding is made – it’s a must!

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