Brand Style Experience


It’s the ultimate step-by-step experience to finally master Your Visuals and communicate the right message



Do any of the following sounds like your thoughts?

  • You want to understand branding, but you don’t have time to get a full branding and design education
  • You know that visual identity is very important, but at the moment, you can’t afford to invest in a professional
  • You are losing sales because nobody wants to pay your rates since you are making a bad impression with your lack of branding
  • You are not clear about the message you want to communicate through your visuals
  • You have a feeling that you can’t go after the life you dream about if you don’t have your branding in place
  • You would like to feel confident and inspired about your business


Agenda of Brand Style Experience

  1. The Anatomy of well styled Brand & Mood Board: The significance of Visual Identity – External brand importance
  2. Brand Season & Colour palette: Choosing and creating a colour palette for your brand
  3. Character & Typography: Font personalities. How to choose fonts for your brand.
  4. Logo & additional brand elements: How to easily create a clean and simple logo – how to spice up your Visual Identity
  5. Brand Guidelines: Learn how to pull all of these elements together to create a design you are proud of

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