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When it comes to any type of creative work – writing a copy, creating brand identity, planning your website or creating social media content, you will find the process easier if you are able to talk to a specific person, rather than a faceless audience you know nothing about.

Creating a Dream Client avatar – Ideal Client avatar – Customer Archetype (all same thing) is one of the most powerful ways to unlock your inspiration and create truly compelling work.

Class overview:
Lesson 1: Who are your Dream Clients? (video 2:02)
Lesson 2: 6 Dream Client mistakes (video 7:32)
Lesson 3: Creating Dream Client avatar (video 1:38)
Lesson 4: Your Dream Clients present and future self (video 3:07)
Lesson 5: Your Dream Clients beliefs (video 2:44)
Lesson 6: Your DREAM CLIENT interview (an interactive task with 15 questions)
Lesson 7: Your DREAM CLIENT profile (worksheet with 30+ questions)

! Not your regular Ideal Client training


5 reviews for Dream Client Avatar

  1. Bonnie Ryckova

    I did many other ‘ideal client; courses in past. This is a great practical course which makes you think deep about your ideal client. Many AHA moments, thank you Guna for this brilliant course.

  2. Magdalena Pawlik

    Such a great reminder of what is truly important for us, online business owners. Guna is presenting wonderfully all the important aspects of creating an ideal client and it made me realize that I have to revisit this every few months really, to keep myself on track. Well done Guna, it’s a great course!

  3. Vikkie Wagstaffe

    This was epic!
    I had been stuck on my Ideal Client Avatar in many ways for a very long time. This was so much fun to watch and do the tasks for. I won’t spoil it but the way she presents it takes you back to your childhood and brought out my curious nature to gather information ! Was such a fun filled way to present the process so Clarity followed shortly after. Watching this got me unstuck for sure! Highly recommend xx

  4. Niamh Corcoran

    Very clear, simple, step by step guide that requires you to think outside the box when defining your ideal client. It probably won’t be who thought it was going to be before you started the course!

  5. Claire Petto

    Fantastic course to learn about how important ideal client is to your business and how much it helps ! Thank you

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