High Vibe + High Conversions Lead Magnet course

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It’s the ultimate step-by-step course for creating lead magnet that attract the right subscribers, grow your email list, and increase your earning potential.



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Lead Magnet That attracts your dream client?

It’s the ultimate step-by-step course for creating lead magnet that attract the right subscribers, grow your email list, and increase your earning potential.


The Easiest Way to Create Lead Magnet That Actually Grows Your Email List Every day even if you are a total newbie and have zero design skills.

Here's what you will discover:

Why Lead Magnet is important for your business

How To Pick The Right Type Of Lead Magnet

Validating Your Lead Magnet

Know that your lead magnet will work before you create it

Creating Your Lead Magnet

Follow my system to plan your epic lead magnet

Design & Tech side of Your Lead Magnet

Not a designer? No problem! I’ll walk you through creating a beautifully designed lead magnet and show you the technical possibilities

Discover how to connect your Lead Magnet to your paid offers

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5 reviews for High Vibe + High Conversions Lead Magnet course

  1. Monika Kralj

    If you want to grow your audience using your expertise, this is the course for you!
    For such a long time I was thinking about creating a lead magnet to grow my newsletter list, but didn’t know where to start and what the best process is. I was really confused about how to create an effective lead magnet.
    This course has helped me to get clear on what kind of lead magnet to create, what to include and how to go about to get my lead magnet noticed. My confusion is now un-confused, it’s like the mist has lifted and I can see and understand with clarity how lead magnet works and it’s all down to this course with Guna!

  2. Bonnie Ryckova

    I’ve been procrastinating creation of my lead magnet for several month. I made lots of notes listening to the lead magnet course Guna created. Having a clarity makes it so much easier to produce something that attracts my ideal client and converts. This is very important for me especially now when I focus on growing my audience, email list and membership wait-list! Thank you Guna for this course!

  3. Dawn Gatward

    Loved this course so much. It’s been such a game changer for me in terms of creating some epic lead magnets (which my audience LOVE)

  4. Magdalena Pawlik

    There is no better way to grow your audience than sharing a lead magnet, aka freebie with your audience. And in this course, Guna is showing us, step by step, how to get about creating a lead magnet, what to include (content-wise), what tech and tools we can use to make it as easy as possible. Love it!

  5. Vikkie Wagstaffe

    Following on from a free lead magnet challenge this training reminded me of the information on a much deeper level. I massively struggled to understand lead magnets at first as I was a products based business who also went into a mentoring route so the switch of information boggled my head until Guna came into my life and straightened it all out! You can keep watching them over and over again and you will pick new information up each time. Once it makes sense it is so easy to see thanks to Guna’s wonderful methods and delivery of very valuable information. Clarity comes quickly. Hugely recommend xx

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