Human Design class 2

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Human Design LIVE class on 1st of June 2021, 5 pm UK/ 12 pm EST – lifetime access to the replay! [Discount price till LIVE class]

This is a conversation to discover your unique design, where you feel resistance and challenges in your life, and how you can start to leverage your magical gifts to find your flow.

  • Human design profiles
  • Arrows and variables
  • not-self themes
  • deconditioning


2 reviews for Human Design class 2

  1. Magdalena Pawlik

    I am continuing diving into Human Design and I love this.
    Thank you Guna for another dose of AHA moments <3

  2. Vikkie Wagstaffe

    These classes are epic!
    This completely changed my life finally understand all about myself I had hidden and shyed away from. It all suddenly made perfect sense. Everything what made me sad was gone! This was replaced with knowledge understanding and finally feeling like I could make sense of things. I finally felt a sense of happiness on a very deep soulful level. Guna teaches you from the original teachings not the woo woo BS. The classes go very in depth and the value is immense. I highly recommend these even if your a beginner and not yet aware of Human Design. I myself wasn’t but was very in tune and aware of my energy and others around me. This explained why! As an emotional Manifesting generator I was able to stop feeling weird about the way I was. I wasn’t crazy after all I just needed to discover this xx

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