Human Design Foundations class

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Human Design Foundations LIVE class on 17th of April 2021, 5pm UK/ 12pm EST – lifetime access to replay!

Find out how you can use Human Design as a Tool to live your life and run your business with the flow and unapologetically being yourself.
Human Design is the permission to throw out the one-size-fits-all approach.
In this class, we will be using the language of Human Design to show you a new way of understanding life, business, and energy.

  • What is Human Design
  • The 5 Energy Types and their influential energies
  • The inner and outer authorities
  • A journey through all 9 energy centers and how to use your Human Design to manifest more money.


5 reviews for Human Design Foundations class

  1. Sharon Little (verified owner)

    I had the most amazing experience with Guna last night at her Human Design Foundations Class. Soooo much information and so many Aha moments ? It explained a lot and why I get frustrated so much.

    I love to manifest and the tips she gave on how my design affects how I manifest was an eye opener. I can’t wait to get access to the replay so that I can watch it again and take notes on all the bits that apply to me.

    It’s great to have so much information and it will help me to understand the people around me (family) so much better. I can’t wait for the next Class she is running. She gives so much value its unbelievable!

    If you have never looked at your Human Design before, I highly recommend taking this foundation class.

  2. Kendra Horn

    This course is packed full of information to understand yourself and others in your life. I experienced so many gears clicking into place. It is the perfect addition to your knowledge vault if you are a student of the esoteric mystery schools.

    It has created a new passion for me to delve into.

  3. Monika Kralj

    First time I heard about Human Design was on a free 5 day challenge with Guna. It sounded interesting and when I looked into it, it made so much sense, so I decided to take this Human Design Foundation Course.  
    This course explains so much about different Human Design charts and it explains so much why I work in my business in a certain way. Guna’s explanation of Human Design is very clear and easily understandable. There were so many AHA moments and I still refer now to Human Design and my chart to help me move forward in my business.

  4. Magdalena Pawlik

    I learnt about Human Design from Guna and I was hooked from the beginning. I love the explanation behind each type and I learnt so many hard truths about myself that I sometimes was afraid to admit to them myself. Great insights and presented in a way that is not overwhelming but delivers great value overall. I have seen what other people who promote Human Design offer and this, by far, is the best immersion class I saw.

  5. Vikkie Wagstaffe

    This changed my god damm life in sooo many ways being introduced to Human Design changed the game for me. I needed to discover this to realise how I was meant to show up in both life and my Business. It was exactly how I used to when I was younger then stopped trusting myself. Guna reminded me of who I used to be when I was at my happiest. Guna teaches so well and gives easy to understand breakdowns and tips to learn all about this. You can watch them over and over again and you will take in new information each time then the easier it gets to understand and it will knock your socks off and blow your mind. Massively recommend this even if your a beginner this will be the best place you can learn about it from this training. Once you see. You will be forever grateful you listened to your soul if you feel the calling. This was the best thing I could of ever come to discover thanks to Guna xx

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