Human Design mini reading

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Delivered as structured voice notes so you can relisten. ✨
To have a reading you need to know: DATE, TIME of birth and location.
It is a little tease, the taste of what it means to be in my world and benefit from my expertise.
It’s super simple.
We will look into your Design foundations:
✨  the ways how you are magnetic to others
✨  what marketing strategy is most aligned with your type
✨  how the energy flows, your talents and essence
✨  healthy and not healthy expression
✨  potential and challenges
✨  your teaching style
✨  content creation suggestions
This is not a full Brand by Design offer. It’s 20-30 minutes of gold, that will help you to create a business tailored to your unique energetics.

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1 review for Human Design mini reading

  1. Christina Pedersen (verified owner)

    Guna, thank you so, so much for my Mini “Human Design” reading, it was absolutely spot on, and completely resonated with me. You have given me greater clarity on who I BE, and how to overcome challenges that present, as a result not BEing my truest expression of Self. I am looking forward to embodying more of my human design in all aspects of my life, including my business, so I can truly lead the life I came here to lead, and build the Legacy, I desire to create. Thank you again, I so appreciate your knowledge, time, honesty, and integrity xx

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