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Where can you get really amazing royalty free music for your videos? This is a question I am getting all the time so I wanted to do a quick blog post and video to share with you some of my favourite web sites and tools. If you know more good sites that are not listed, please comment below.

Absolutely FREE Royalty Free Music web pages

When you search on YouTube, Google or any of Royalty Free music sites, search for CREATIVE COMMONS MUSIC.

Creative Commons is a system that allows you to legally use “some rights reserved” music, movies, images, and other content — all for free. Creative Commons offers free copyright licenses that anyone can use to mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. For instance, a musician might use a Creative Commons license to allow people to legally share her songs online, make copies for friends, or even use them in videos or make remixes.

You can find more information here: CREATIVE COMMONS MUSIC

When you use Creative Commons you always should read rules, mostly you need to give a credit to an artist and where you downloaded music. It will be different for different sites.

One of my favourite places to search is SoundCloud you also can try out Royalty Free Music

For example:

Learn more about Copyright HERE

One of the popular and easiest is YouTube, as you have a big collection of Royalty Free music here. To check out the list you need to log in. I like it because you can get different sound effects, you can sort your music by Genre, Length, Mood and even Instrument. So next time you need drum effect or truly dramatic and dark music, you can always find one there.

A great site is BenSound you can access absolutely free music, you only need to give credit to an artist, but you also can pay Subscription. Subscribing allows you to have access to an entire library during one year in both .mp3 and .wav format. For each track you will get a license certificate that authorises you to use the tracks without credits.

Josh Woodward also allows you to use his music for any of your projects, but you do need to give him a credit.

You can find all different Genres on It is also amazing web page to look for Royalty Free music, you can also order music on demand.

And there are some PAID Royalty Free music sites:

AudioJungle –

This site I use for commercial videos, event videos or videos what will be monetized. The music is very good and also prices are ok.

The next one is Pond5 –

It is Membership site, it is little bit pricey, but if you need amaizng music for commercial use it is good. You can do 10 downloads per month, which counts around £8 per track, photo or video clip as not only music available. Sometimes Pond5 gives away HUGE AND AMAZING PACKS of free video clips, pictures, music and sound effects.  I always download those packs and have used the content from time to time. Get on their email list to get notified when they give away the free packs.

The Music Bed – is another great source, you can search and discover a lot of an amazing music. You can find really romantic and fancy songs, also a lot of hipster and upbeat indie music. Sometimes I love to just listen to music here.

Prime Loops specialize in providing strictly unique collections of audio samples & more for music producers. So if you have some audio editing skills you can create your own music.

The music at JewelBeat is not that great, but it is super cheap and legit for videos being used for commercial use.

I haven’t actually bought any music on Getty, but it is also a great source to look for. However, you can always download the free songs and sound effects when they post them.

Some more sites to check out, which I know exist, but haven’t tried, yet:


Premium Beat


Epidemic sound –

Audio Network –

Soundstripe –

If you need a custom music track created specifically for you, you can always order one on Fiverr –

But I think the most awesome thing is when you do Collaborations and get Permission from Artists. You can reach out on social media or via email and ask for permission to use their music in your videos or live streams.

Always remember, when you reach out to anyone – be kind, make it genuine and about them, not all about you. Also reach out to independent artists {Beyonce or Marilyn Manson will not work}. Explain where and how you are going to Promote the artist and their work {for example YouTube description box or shout outs on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter}. Tell them about your audience and talk about your brand vibe or mission. Explain how it can be great for both sides. If they give Permission, create a folder where you can keep all responses, so that you can prove it. Make sure you follow through on your side of promoting them, you could also follow up with them after by sending an email with a link of your final work.

If your YouTube or Facebook video gets flagged, you can always use your communication email as proof and send it over as a file that verifies a fact, that you have commercial rights to use this music.

Disclaimer: I am not lawyer or expert in copyright or music licencing law. Use the following advice at your own risk.


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