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Social Video Marketing | Find your niche | #2

Social Video Marketing | Inspirational series vol. 2

Business is all about how you make someone feel, how they talk about you to their friends, and how they repeat your fantastic content back to someone who would also be a perfect viewer of your videos. 

So what will they say about you? What message do you want people to share and repost? How will people find you? What are they searching for? Knowing your audience is the key. Your viewers may not remember every video they have watched or what you said, but they definitely will remember how you made them feel.

You know what is exciting and magical? Hearing someone tell their friend or their audience about you. Not because you told them to, but because they couldn’t help themselves to share something about you. You and only you made it happen. Your personality, talents and vibe.

They think you are magical and special because you share your lifestyle and business through video. You will know that you are magical and special because you did the hard work to find out what actually matters to you, what is your reason, and how exactly to spread the word. When you find your niche and talk in a language only your community will be attracted to, you have designed your brand as if your audience understand and feel your brand the same as you, you have done great work.

You need to find your niche and specialise in something and I know it is hard to be an authentic version of yourself, but you shouldn’t be afraid, yes you heard – afraid. As that’s what it is. Fear makes people struggle with specialising, finding a niche as we want to be all things to all people. It is our nature, even if we don’t want to admit it. But the sooner you understand it the sooner you will start to succeed.

J. Bezos of Amazon once said: “A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” So think, how can you be different, how can you be the greatest in something very specific? Don’t you want to be the only one?… Well even if you are not and there is competition…

Lets take an example. I want to take my daughter for art lessons. And I am looking for an art teacher in my area… There are loads… Which one to choose to even start a conversation? The one who says “I am an artist and I teach people to draw” or “I am an artist and I teach 4-6 year old kids to draw their favourite magic story characters”. I will leave this question open 😉

How are you amazing? How are you different? How can you make sure your viewers know it? That is what it means to find your niche.

Check out this video about why you would need to make video at all:

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