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Social Video Marketing | Overcome fear & have Strategy | #1

Social Video Marketing | Inspirational series vol. 1  

I love, love, love video marketing and I do believe it can change your life and business forever. You may wonder why, but let me tell you how it all started.

2 years ago, I decided to try something fun and exciting – it was selling makeup online. I choose it as a side hustle and pretty much for fun. As I am a quick learner and my profession is all about marketing, I found out really quick that social media is a great tool if you know how it works and the important thing was – a message online work better than a message offline, photos work better than a text, and videos work better than photos. {Now, I could add that live videos work better than videos.} Fact in front of me: if you want to get better and more successful – do videos! Well, easier said than done.

Video is scary.

It is vulnerable.

It is weird.

So weird. I agree.

But if you can get past all of that, you can make a bigger impact in this world than you have ever imagined. This is the same reason why TV and movie stars have so much influence on the average person. They have impressed and touched us in some way, thanks to their personalities and talent, and this was done through videos, many videos.

You don’t have to be famous or with a big following to leverage the video, but you do have to have a strong “why“ purpose in your message. Think about your business and knowledge. Is it important enough to share? Can it bring value to others? Can it help someone? Is it so important that you would be willing to overcome your fears of video streaming to share this information in a way that would set you apart from the crowd? If the answer is yes, then let‘s start making this video thing happen for you.

As you probably know, I am a Latvian girl, living the dream in Scotland, and I am more a tech person than a language person. So, using video streaming was a good way to show my personality and my passion for things I care, not just because it will rank me better and I will reach more people, but because I can be me. I can be me with my accent or occasional Now, it is so much easier for me to do a video compared to writing a blog post and thinking about the grammar.

For people who haven’t seen you, it is really hard to get to know you just from photos or blog posts. Videos, live streams and vlogs are the fastest way to talk to lot of people in a genuine way, like you would talk with your friend or business partner on a meeting.

When you have a Strategy Statement, you can conquer fear much better, so answer these questions as simple and as clear as you can:

  1. Who are you making the video for?
  2. What are you creating in the video?
  3. Why are you creating the video after all?

The answers to each question will help you create a Strategy Statement and aid you in keeping your video plan in focus. This statement is for you, you don’t need to publish it anywhere or share it with the rest of the world. Don’t be afraid. Be clear. Be bold. Be specific.

And now, fill in the blank

I help _______________________________________

by creating a video  about _____________________

so that I can achieve _________________________ .

Great work! You are much closer to the next awesome step than you think. It is time to make some videos and leave a mark.

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