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By November 16, 2016 Success Squad

I am so excited to introduce you with my friend and absolutely gorgeous Jeteia. I had the opportunity to work together with her in #MRG training program, we took course together and still uplifting and cheering up all our ladies. Jeteia launched her first book  this month and I am happy that I can Congratulate her. So blessed and thrilled do the interview.

Jeteia Benson with Guna Meldere

This is what you can find on Amazon about her: Author Jeteia Benson has been a Registered Nurse for several years. After discovering her true calling indirectly and sorting out all the confusing details surrounding nursing she was inclined to share the knowledge with you. This book will motivate you to hop off your couch and start your nursing career TODAY.


Guna: First of all, I want to say Thank you so much for being so supportive and amazing. You are awesome and I am glad that we have opportunity to share our journeys and to cheer up each other. #MRG love.

So tell us, what did you do before becoming a Nurse?

Jeteia: Before I became a nurse I was pretty lost from a career standpoint. I did some substitute teaching, I worked at a pharmaceutical company, I was a home health aide for a few years. It wasn’t until I ran into a college colleague who was also lost that informed me she had found a nursing program. I did some research, applied, and the rest was history. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!!

Guna: Congratulations, it is so awesome! What inspired or motivated you to write a book?

Jeteia: The title of my book is Couch to Career: Becoming a nurse. I was inspired to write the book because becoming a nurse was very confusing, not the schooling, but the actual precesses you have to go through can get kinda murky. I decided that I could clarify it and share with all the people. I have done all the work, why not share?

Guna: Absolutely. Sharing is caring, right! Tell about your brand. Did you imagined it like it is now? Do you have lot of plans for future?

Jeteia: My brand is evolving. Savvi Society is geared toward women who are interested in developing in their current career or getting into the healthcare field. Savvi Society is also about developing YOURSELF. I would have never imagined even having a brand! I am just extremely excited for the future. I do have plans, I want Savvi Society to become the premiere healthcare career development network. I want to help as many people become successful as possible.

Guna: Amazing goals. I wish you lot of success. What would be 3 big steps you suggest to take to someone who has just started own business?

Jeteia: Learn as much as possible, find a support system, never stop no matter how challenging it gets!

Guna: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your life and career so far?

Jeteia: My biggest accomplishment was getting my Master’s in nursing while working. My next biggest accomplishment was deciding to leave it (somewhat) and pursue my own business.

Guna: Awesome! What routine you follow on a daily basis that helps to your success?

Jeteia: I am still working full-time (for the next coupe of weeks) so for the most part work is my daily routine. When I get home in the evening I cook and work on content development and learning new skills for graphics and web layouts. Pray, work hard, repeat, sounds cliche but it’s true!

Guna: I absolutely agree. So walk us through a day in a life of SavviSociety Jeteia

Jeteia: On my off days I usually wake up at 5-6 am, pray, post on social media, develop more graphics, and create my to do list. I try to have things timed so I am not working on one thing for too long. I try to get a little fresh air or exercise for about 1 hour. Dinner is usually my largest meal so I be sure to stop in enough time to prepare dinner for my family. Then I typically get back to work until I get tired and fall asleep.

Guna: What is the best business advice you have ever been given?

Jeteia: Find a way to automate!! That is the key to having passive income. When I first decided to become an entrepreneur I had the vision of starting a Nursing Assistant Training program (still to come) which is a brick and mortar. I knew I needed passive income so I switched to focus on Savvi Society and build that up first.

Guna: Well done! What is the biggest struggle you have had to overcome?

Jeteia: Fear and my crazy schedule!! Fear of what people I know would think mostly, but still fear. That has been conquered now!

Guna: If you could describe yourself in 1 word what it would be?


Guna: What is your motivating factor in life, what gets you fired up?

Jeteia: Knowing that God has destined me for greatness and I am on the way!

Guna: Who inspires you and why?

Jeteia: I am inspired by several people. I was inspired by Alex Wolf to start pursuing my business dreams and automate. Tiphany Montgomery inspires me to put God at the center of my business, I see her success and I know anything is possible. Tressa Azarel inspired me to write and become a publisher. Hearing her story of leaving the full-time work force gets me excited and let’s me know I am making the right decision! My mother, because she sacrificed so much for me to get my education, I love making her proud.

Guna: What is your favourite author/book?

Jeteia: That’s a hard question, right now I have to say the Bible lol. I also really like the Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes.

Guna: 3 things without you can’t live?

Jeteia: Without, A furry blanket, chocolate, and my computer!

Guna: What’s the one thing most people would never guess about you?

Jeteia: I am afraid of heights. But I love rollercoasters!

Guna: If someone want to give up to their dream or business what advice you would give?

Jeteia: DON’T, there is someone that needs your business out in the world. It take a lot of time and energy to find them, but it will be worth it.

Guna: Do you do gratitude journal?

Jeteia: I sure do, I need to write in it daily, but I do practice gratitude everyday. I only write in it a few times per week.

Guna: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you recently?

Jeteia: I haven’t really had anything crazy happen lately, thank God!

Guna: Do you watch TV?

Jeteia: Yes, I use TV time as time I spend with my family, we like to watch movies, I am typically on the computer while watching. I do not have a television in my bedroom though.

Guna: What made you happy today?

Jeteia: Seeing another day! And having a day to get stuff done!

Guna: Do you have any special memories about school time?

Jeteia: Of course, I went to 3 different colleges so I have memories from them all. The first Fisk University is where I met my best friends and built unbreakable bonds. The second Akron University was where I went for nursing and learned how to truly support others. We had to rely so heavily on each other, it taught me valuable lessons. Lastly, University of Cincinnati, I went for my master’s. I definitely learned time management as I had school during the day and worked nightshift in the hospital.

Guna: If you could have any superpower what it would be?

Jeteia: Is flying a suerpower?

Guna: Describe the colour BLUE to somebody who is blind

Jeteia: Calm, cool, breezy, like hearing the waves wash up on the shore

Guna: What is your dream travel destination?

Jeteia: Maldives and Bora Bora

Guna: Instagram or Facebook?

Jeteia: INSTAGRAM ALLLLL DAY! Facebook is not where I believe I will find my target market.

Guna: What are your favourite phone apps you use daily?

Jeteia: Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope

Guna: “Live Life YOU Love” – what do you think about this tagline?

Jeteia: Funny thing is, I have that plastered on my bedroom wall and look at it daily. To me it means everything. Life is to short to not be happy and doing something you love! With the people you love, going the places you love!

Guna: Can you let our Success Squad readers know how they can work with you?

Jeteia: You can find me on Instagram @jeteiab, stop by www.savvisociety.net to say HI! and follow Savvi Society, Ltd. on Pintrest.

Thank you for taking the time out to learn a little bit more about me!

Talk soon, XOXO Jeteia B -Savvi Society

Jeteia Benson with Guna Meldere
You can check out Jeteia’s book on Amazon:

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