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My TOP 8 business organisational tools I use every day.

A lot of them have free options! Don’t worry that some of these organisational tools are affiliates – it doesn’t change anything for you. It may even give you benefits, discounts or longer tries. Note I do not share these organisational tools because I am affiliated with them or make some commission. I truly love these 8 organisational tools and use them every single day and definitely wouldn’t like to get along without this great help.

1. Airtable

It handles really any content You throw there. You can add Attachments, long editable text notes and personalized checkboxes. It also has powerful filtering, sorting and grouping which gives You the freedom to arrange Your work. Love the different views, you can structure information in a grid view with the expected format of columns, rows, cells and also you can enjoy calendar, gallery and so much more. Truly incredible tool. You can also create forms and organize your potential clients directly into your database. It is also very convenient because there are so many templates available to make your life even more easier. This is definitely my favorite tool this year. Check it out yourself:

2. Google Drive

For organizing all business documents and delivering files to clients. Perfect alternative for MS Office plus available from any of your devices and easy shareable. I prefer it a lot over Dropbox or any other file storage places. I don’t think I need to add anything more here.

3. Asana

For managing client projects, for internal and external tasks and managing team member’s as well as my own to-do lists. It’s also a great tool for organizing information and creating content.

4. iCal

For scheduling everything. I have several different calendars like – business, life, birthdays, content.

5. Calendly

For scheduling calls with clients, booking podcast interviews, coaching/ consultation sessions.

6. Active Campaign

For sending emails and setting up email automations. We create customer experiences by automating many behind-the-scenes marketing, sales, and support processes. It’s truly one of the best email automation services out there. Sign for a free trial and test out:

7. Zoom

For hosting meetings with clients and membership members. Sometimes I also use it for catching up with friends and family. Also, if I am not using OBS, I would use Zoom to go live on Facebook. Yet it is a little bit tacky and you need to get your way around it for this purpose.

8. Slack

For team communication, for communication with membership members, getting notifications and few other things. It has so many integrations that you can create great experiences within your communities and team.

What are your best organisational tools for business?

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