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Weekend in Belfast | Speaking engagement

In first week of January I was in Belfast, capital city of Northern Ireland. It was definitely completely new experience for me. Seems like same United Kingdom, but it is so different. Belfast was for many years a not to go, especially for the people from England {good that I am from Scotland}, it appeared harsh, threatening, rough and a law unto itself. But after the signing of the good Friday agreement Belfast has grown into a city which can express it’s differences with peace and beauty, can celebrate it’s Titanic history and offers a interesting peek into it’s culture of contrasts though it’s dry sense of humour and dusty realism… Big Fence between English and Irish side still looks alarming – and they still close it in night time.

I spent 2 days {from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon}. Days that included little driving tour with car, my first speaking engagement, discovering Victoria square area and meeting my online friends which I haven’t met before in real life.

My fist wow moment was driving near to Belfast City Hall, beautiful, huge and awesome building of Belfast City Council. Impressive in night.

As usually after flight I was starving, we went to Frankie & Benny’s in Victoria square. So it wasn’t really Belfast experience, but it was only place we could get in and eat, Friday evening was really busy. Well, we waited for our Salmon with veggies quite long anyway {like hour – and ish}. Victoria square is amazing. It is the biggest and one of the most expensive property developments in Northern Ireland. A public square covered with the glass dome serves as the hub of the entire area with viewing zone. You have feeling that you are inside, but in the same time outside. Fantastic. Lots of shops, like seriously a lot, restaurants, apartments. It was dark when we was there, but still viewing point was great experience. Belfast in night – beautiful! I would love to check in day time  as well.


Next stop: La Mon Hotel & Country Club, one of the most superb hotels in Belfast and one of the best in Northern Ireland. It is an outstanding family owned 4 Star Hotel. It is located 15 minutes from Belfast city centre, away in the countryside! In way to it, I seen Titanic Belfast, really impressive building occupied by a series of galleries, plus private function rooms and community facilities. I have red that museum is worth to see, unfortunately I had no time, but next time definitely on my list.


All Saturday I was participating in big training event for Network Marketing company. Companies mission is to Uplift, Empower and Validate women all over the world. Great experience as it was my first speaking engagement, but I was super excited about it. Great opportunity and my favourite topics: Branding and Attraction Marketing. I was speaking second, so it was a bit scary, but in the same time I was glad to do it, as it meant that I will be able to enjoy the rest of event without anxiety and stressful moments. Unfortunately, my camera recording was really bad quality {sorry, for that, but it was my first time using it and didn’t had a clue what I am doing}, but I promise I will re-record or create content about what I was teaching to those amazing ladies and it will be available for you guys too. Basically most important thing what you need to remember about Personal Branding is that Your brand it is YOU. Everything what your audience is associating with you is your brand. Colours, vibes, attitude, content, even fact that you like fluffy and cozy pillows. You got idea, right?

Next day I had little mini tour in day light, I was impressed about prison and fact that Belfast is surrounded by mountains {didn’t see it in night}. Overall I had great time in Belfast, maybe thats because I had nice company. My girls spoiled me. I definitely want to go again and see more of culture, parks and museums.

Some lovely art too.

Take a look in my Vlog, little bit of documentation.

(c) Belfast Landmarks Panoramic is a painting by Harv Harbinson, so is castle

(c) Dream Series Armagh Town is painted by Keith Drury


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