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Why You need to use Pinterest for your business in 2020


When I talk about Pinterest with my clients, I hear a lot of questions.

Starting from obvious ones: “How the hell do I make money with Pinterest?”, “Isn’t it just for Women?”, What’s a Pin?” and finishing with “How do I make sure I don’t waste my time with Pinterest?” and “What if it doesn’t work?”

But… if it does? Think about all the opportunities and possibilities.

It’s a huge opportunity to generate traffic, signups, registrations, sales and revenue for you, your products, services and solutions that you offer through your website.

On 2020, where there are crazy algorithms going on, Pinterest is online marketing heaven.

Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin where people are most likely to purchase from s single click if the brand is well known or have authority, on Pinterest you could be generating hundreds of new leads and thousands of people visiting your website – daily.

Let’s talk statistics, you know I number nerd!

Pinterest currently has 300 million monthly active users, 60 % of them are females, 83 % of users are aged 25-54.

High-income earners (100k +) are more likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated individuals.

85 % of users are using Pinterest on a mobile device.

98 % of users go out and try the ideas they find on Pinterest, it inspires them for a better life.
Compare that to the 71 % average across social media platforms.

59 % of millennials have discovered products on Pinterest.

90 % of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

78 % of users say content from brands on Pinterest is useful and they love spending time on platform comparing with other platforms, where they get a different range of emotions.

While Facebook puts its efforts to make feeds less passive and more engaging, Pinterest owns a natural talent for inspiration and motivation.

Rather than capturing the present moment or getting nostalgic over the past, Pinterest’s users are planning for the future.

Another way of looking at it: Pinterest is as much a search engine as a social media platform.

As you can see there are loads of Why’s why you should use Pinterest in 2020!

Still not convinced?

Here are the TOP 7 reasons why You need Pinterest Marketing.

      1. It is FREE! There is no hidden fees, subscriptions or any other fees. A Pinterest Business account is completely free. If you are already passionated pinner and have saved a ton of recipes, workout routine and home decor inspirations with your personal account, it is super easy to switch over to business account.
      2. It is for EVERYONE! Pinterest is a valuable marketing tool regardless of niche. You can be a graphic designer, singer, app developer or barber, you can provide services or sell products, they can be digital or physical – doesn’t matter. Pinterest is great for everyone! It is not just the audience and users who are diverse, but also a type of content you can pin can be very different.
      3. Analytics is easy! Pinterest same as Google and YouTube is a search engine, so there are a lot of data you can dig into, valuable insights such as impressions, clickthrough rates, pin performance and monthly views. Best thing – analytics are free. It is very easy to use and with little effort and time, you can see which is your most popular pin, what content audience loves and what pins you should be avoiding to create.
      4. Content is evergreen! When you post something on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter the post not only will not show up for all your audience but also will live a couple of hours or just minutes. The maximum lifespan for a social media post is 24 hours… Crazy! So you need to be creating content all the time, where on Pinterest it requires less content and less effort to make the maximum results.
      5. Generates traffic! Pinterest for many is the number 1 source of the traffic to their site competing with everything else. Thanks to the strategies and tricks I use for me and my clients’ accounts, my traffic increased by 700% in 5 months.
      6. Generate more income! Yes. By leveraging Pinterest, you are giving yourself a chance to build more income from your traffic and new audience you will attract. I am living proof of that.
      7. Pinterest allows links! We all know how other platforms penalise you for using direct links leading outside the platform, well, with Pinterest it is completely opposite! Each image – Pin you add, gives you an opportunity to add unique link: to your blog, freebie, sign up form, product or service, even other social media accounts.

The system is easy:

  • You create a great product, service, offer or content
  • You attract audience with fabulous images linked to them
  • You deliver promised and enjoy the results!

Ask questions or join my Masterclass to learn how to use Pinterest to attract the RIGHT audience, drive traffic to your site and convert coming visitors into paying clients… all while automating the process here.


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